Scrivener 2.0

Sorry if this is a dumb question but I have seen Scrivener 2.0 mentioned in some posts. I assume this will be coming out sometime soon? Any idea when?


What Xiamese says. :slight_smile: No set date yet, but it should be out in October sometime. I’m still hoping for a late September release, but it’s looking more and more unlikely as my holiday draws near.

:smiley: Thanks for that. What’s the deal about updating to the new version?

$25 for registered users.

When does the “grace” period begin?



I don’t know yet, too early to say.

When will we start seeing Scrivener 2.0 previews, screenshots, feature lists, etc.? There is some information scattered around in forum posts but it is a bit difficult to find all of the information that way.

I’m starting to get curious since the release is only a handful of months away (hopefully!)

I’ve been wanting to preview for ages, but all of my time is taken up coding. I’m hoping to put a blog post together early next month with some details though.
Thanks for your interest!
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Oh my dear! What I’ve seen on your blog is awesome! Scrivener now joins the best of all other competitors into one product, wich is amazingly called “pure writer porn” somewhere in the www.

And that’s the truth. Scrivener 2.0 will be pure writer porn. Still counting the seconds down till the rocket will launch.

Thanks in advance for such a great product (that Scivener 1.x truly is for now).

I just checked out the synch videos – nice! I’m liking what I see in Scrivener 2.0, looking forward to it.

Thanks Mitch! Much appreciated. I’m hoping to add some more iPad syncing options soon, too, all of which should tide most users over until we eventually have our own iPad version (and which will offer choice for those who prefer other writing apps on the iPad anyway).

I like the sidebar comments in 2.0. It’s the way I prefer them, rather than having comments appear inline.

One additional feature I’d like to see: Comments should be excluded from text statistics. I keep to a daily wordcount quota, using the text statistics tool (my fingers have memorized the keyboard shortcut, especially on days when writing is difficult - “what, all that work and all I added was FIVE WORDS!!!”). But I don’t count comments as part of the quota.

Two birds with one stone there: the sidebar comments don’t get counted in the word count. It’s only the inline ones that do, being part of the main text.
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