Scrivener Beta (1155038) 64-bit FEEDBACK

Not sure if I post my found bugs and feature requests here or not, but couldn’t see anywhere else so here goes…

It looks great, and seems to have good improvements, like the separator bar separating multiple selections in corkboard, which is just what I wanted! So that’s great! AND I can now click a card in corkboard and be navigated to that place of text within a scivenered view in the other editor, which is also just what I wanted, so great!

And caps toggle is now added. Awesome!

Loving the new vers. Feels very slick. Great stuff. But a few little bugs, gripes and suggestions:

[*]When entering composition mode there are 2 things that happen. The first is that it takes a good 2 seconds to load (not my PC, I work in VFX and my work station is extremely fast and powerful). I am guessing this is a compiling into Scrivenings issue, but would be great if this were quicker.
Secondly, the portion of the text being viewed if in scrivenings mode does not correspond to the place the cursor was resting in the editor window. My cursor was in 1st document in editor, but the composition window then displayed a document form the middle (both displaying the entire document in scrivenings, but placing the cursor in different places).

[*]The header right click selection menu from the right/other editor appears always in the left editor.

[*]The page view seems promising for viewing resulting/final PDF formatting (important for scriptwriting as the space being used informs the sentences being written to maximise space), although I’m still testing (and the shortcut alt + shift + P is not working).

[*]PDF view is not working.

[*]Can we please have an option to get rid of the top windows/project bar? Most software now gives this option and I find it much more pleasing and prefer that extra bit of real estate. And the option of having the menu bar on the right side of the project bar, basically mixing the top 2 menu and project bars into one, would be great too.

[*]Scrivener for Android please.

[*]Could the dividing line between multiselected items in corkboard view be customizable, or if not at least a bit thicker? I struggle to see it when using corkboard with the actual corkboard texture background as I like to so.

[*]space bar to open selected file in quickview when in corkboard view (like from binder), and ctrl + spacebar to open file in copyholder view (would be great if this worked in binder and corkboard, as I tend to prefer and use corkboard more than binder, for the sole reason that I can view my entire project in one glance without scrolling (if cards are sized at 1x5).

But otherwise, loving it. Love the new copyholder and quick reference options too - although it would be great if there was a shortcut to open in copyholder mode (can’t see one at present). And it would also be good if holding alt + clicking in corkboard view opened the file in a copyholder view.

Many thanks team.


Can you also please reinstate the ability to size the cards in corkboard view to 1x5 ratio? 2x5 is the lowest/thinnest ratio possible in new Scriv, and I found the 1x5 ratio very useful in the old Scivener, and indeed used it as my default setting to view my entire story on corkboard at one glance, which will not be possible if you make 2x5 the lowest available ratio.

Please reinstate this. The new version looks great, with some ace additions, but this one aspect would be a deal breaker for me, and would mean me sticking with the old vers, or using another software.

Many thanks.

[attachment=1]Scriv Layout ex.JPG[/attachment]

[attachment=0]Scriv Layout ex 2.JPG[/attachment]

This is how I outline and love it. Please reinstate the lower card ratio or else I cannot do this going forward.

Could you also lower the spacing customizable options too? The cards don’t seem to be able to have as close corkboard view spacing as earlier vers.


This still isn’t in the new vers, and seems to be worse as now the ‘automatically open in other editor’ button doesn’t work. My favourite thing about the layout above was that I could click a card and it would open that scene in text in other editor. This is no longer working in new vers, because the button doesn’t remember to stay on when switching back to single split view, and doesn’t open the clicked card in a new split view when on anyway.

And the card ratio is still set to 2X5 as lowest ratio, whereas the last vers could be set to 1x5, which as you can see above I used to good effect - the purpose of this isn’t simply aesthetic, rather it is to fit ALL scenes on screen at once, which is an invaluable way to view the entire script, and the entire reason for my chosen layout method.

SO PLEEEEEEEAAAAAASE reinstate the 1x5 card ratio in corkboard,

Also, smaller gaps between cards and customizable multi selection separator line length would also be good.