Scrivener 2 and Mojave

Anyone know if Scrivener 2 will work in Mojave? I have two work machines on which I write, and unfortunately, the older one only will run El Capitan, so I’m stuck with Scrivener 2 until I can replace the old machine with a newer model.

We haven’t tested it specifically, but the basics seem to be working fine. You’ll get the typical warning about it being a 32-bit program, which can be ignored. Unless you have a really compelling and urgent reason to upgrade to 10.14 right now though, I wouldn’t see any harm in waiting a few weeks. Not only will it give Apple some time to put out a bug fix or two, but you’ll see any signs of major issues being reported with 2.9. I don’t expect there will be anything major, but it’s a lot easier to upgrade later than it is to roll back to a backup of a previous install after realising it’s not going to work. :slight_smile:

Will Scrivener 2 be updated to a 64-bit version? From what I understand, with future updates anything that’s 32-bit will no longer work.

Unfortunately since posting this we have encountered a few serious problems with 2.x on macOS 10.14. The worst is one where some of the new Quick Look code Apple is using (for MS Office files, maybe others) will corrupt the project window. It’s a relatively benign problem in that it can be fixed by wiping out the project’s display preferences, and its entirely avoidable by not storing certain types of files in the binder.

So at this time we aren’t recommending running 2.x on Mojave.

Not even a slight chance of that. It would probably take half a year or so to do it, which is quite a lot of work for a legacy program that hasn’t been sold for over a year now.