Scrivener 2: The first page of compiled script is numbered page 2.

I’m trying to compile a screenplay to PDF. However, the first page (after the title page) has ‘page 2’ in the header. Surely this should be the page 1?

How can I output the script to PDF so that the first page of the script is ‘page 1’?

We’ve recently fixed a bug or two with how this counter is working. Meanwhile you can fix the problem yourself in any decently featured word processor. The problem is simple, just go into the first main matter page’s header/footer settings and set it to restart numbering at 1 for that section.

I posted a screenshot of where this setting is, in Nisus Writer Pro.

Thanks. Is there an update with the bug fix? Exporting to Word messes up my formatting. I have 2.8.1.

Oh sorry, I missed the “version 2” in your heading. There shouldn’t be any issues with version 2. Have you checked your settings in the Page Setup compile option pane? There is a checkbox there to have numbering count front matter, under the “First Pages” tab.

In a screenplay, the first page is actually not supposed to have a number on it, so numbering is supposed to start on page 2 – not counting the title page.

I tried to make this happen in settings by unchecking “page numbers count first pages” and then setting the “Start regular header and footer on” to “Page 3.” But then it numbers page 3 of the pdf, which is page 2 of the screenplay, as page 1.

Any ideas on how to make this work?


I don’t really follow what you are attempting to achieve with your settings. If the intention is to start number on page 2, with the number 1, then why set the first page to be counted to 3? Otherwise you have the right idea, you want the Page numbers count first pages setting off if they should start at 1—wherever they start.