Scrivener 3.0.3 and MMD Citations


After the update to 3.0.3, my MMD citations are rendered in lowercase in LaTeX. For example, [10][#Author_2018] used to become ~\citep[10]{Author_2018}, but now becomes ~\citep[10]{author_2018}. For BibTeX, those are different cite keys, rendering my whole BibTeX-Library useless.

I understand that Scrivener now uses MMD 6. Do I have to change anything regarding MMD citations? I haven’t found anything in the Scrivener manual or in the MMD 6 documentation (which is very bad at the moment; is there a complete user’s guide anywhere?)

Thanks a lot!

This wouldn’t be covered in our documentation as it not something that is generated by or manipulated by Scrivener in any way. It does appear to be a different in MMD output by version. I have both 5 and 6 installed, and just confirmed that.

Test code:

This is a test [10][#Author_2018] of cites.


This is a test ~\citep[10]{Author_2018} of cites.


[code]This is a test ~\citep[10]{author_2018} of cites.



I’d drop a line at the MMD6 GitHub issue tracker and see what the deal is.

Thanks a lot! I’ll ask on GitHub.

Fletcher Penny just answered on GitHub. The solution is easy. The bibtex metadata needs to be configured in the metadata pane when editing the format,

Key: bibtex
Value: bibtex

Then citations work as expected.

Glad it was an easy fix! That’s one aspect of MMD I don’t know much about.