Scrivener 3.0 delay again and nobody ask why ??

That is really shit when I check website again and again nothing find .Where is 3.0 for windows ? I don’t think always delay is for some technical problem . All of us are waiting for new version and you guys said nothing . what are they doing ? normally no 100% perfect software in this world …Obviously they are making a 100% perfect software. But it does not exist in this world .

You will find this on our web page. :laughing:

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  3. Obviously, you know that lots of people are asking why, since you cross-posted in the thread [url=Scrivener V3 for Windows release date].
  4. See also the thread [url=Commitment & responsibility...].
  5. And the thread [url=Dissapointment in the Windows Team].

They literally told us why. The only appropriate posture with software this incredible is gratitude. The only posture appropriate. I repeat myself. Intentionally.

you are crazy guy .

And you are very rude guy.

There is no 100% guy, though. That does not exist in this world.

that is really shit .

you are really right . the old version make me eyes blind

SO what ? Are you a gentleman? I don’t think so . shit

We get you’re disappointed by the delay, we all are, but a little politeness towards the team wouldn’t harm.

Developing complex software isn’t like making a ham sandwich, (or a chip butty for our UK viewers :slight_smile: ) it takes time, it’s complex, things go wrong, and even with the best will, there can be delays. Bigger companies than L&L have had massive delays, even release cancellations.

The L&L team have apologized, feel crap about having to push it back. Meantime, there is a perfectly workable package 1.9 and if purchased after Nov 2017 the upgrade will be free. I’ll happily buy my V3 as I’ve been on 1 for some time.

“jackdad”, I’ve locked your thread. Give yourself a week, and if after that you are unable come back with an adult approach to the people around you, I will remove your account.