Scrivener 3.0 for Windows - New new goal time date release something

Hi Lee, Can you give us a new target? Thanks

" I will personally commit, and be held responsible, for having Scrivener 3 for Windows ready for release on the 30th August 2019. I appreciate everyone’s patience and look forward to releasing soon. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some more rocks to push.
Lee Powell
Scrivener for Windows Developer"

No. … her-delays


Thank you for the prompt reply,

One more question. As a dual user, it would be helpful to know if it is ever going to be released, or has the team given up making it work? Thank you.

They have given up. That is why there have been no new beta versions since Beta 30 was released last week.

Thanks Owen. Was there confirmation of that from Scrivener? Maybe I missed it.

I think the sarcasm flag is what you missed. Releasing a new beta version last week is not the action of a company that has “given up.”


If that is the case, it makes little sense, like having a half-product.

“While many estimates suggest there are more than 1 billion Windows-powered PCs in use in the world, Microsoft officially claims there are 400 million active users of Windows 10 itself. That makes Windows 10, without the many versions of Windows before it, four times more popular than the Mac.”

I have no idea what the real metrics are, but I don’t think there is much debate that the windows world is much larger. For me anyway, I love the dual usage of PC and Mac. I have built a “Swordfish station” with three large screens acting as one, powered by a powerful PC, all for the price of a large Mac. The Mac has better screens, is just beautiful, and acts more as my art department on an adjacent desk.

I write on my Swordfish station, and this is particularly useful when extensive research is needed for my novels. I can research on one full screen while Scrivener is open in the middle. Open in the middle with software designed years ago, unfortunately.

Nothing I have read convinces me that this years long delay, now apprarently being abondoned if what you state is true, relates to cashflow of the company, and its struggles to staff a robust enough tech dept to make a product on both platforms. I love Scrivener. I hope you are wrong in this regard.

What/where is a sarcasm flag?

Owen’s post was clearly sarcastic: a company that has “given up” does not continue to release new beta versions. Sarcasm can be difficult to detect online, as your response demonstrates.

Just to be clear, Literature & Latte has not “given up” on Windows Scrivener. Indeed, the developers are so busy this weekend that I currently have my Dropbox notifications muted so they won’t be swamped by Tiho’s (internal) uploads.


I get now that Owen was being sarcastic. The reason that I took it seriously is the history of some software products being in perpetual beta. Never finished. Never as in years.

I want you to be successful, so best of luck.

Hi Katherine, I got Owen’s sarcasm, but I am only too aware that online sarcasm can sometimes be completely misunderstood. In my case an attempt at sarcasm in an email I drafted for my wife got her sacked. We got her reinstated but it took 16 days in court. Never, ever, again - not even with a smiley face.