Scrivener 3.0, Windows 11, and Voice to Text

So I have a Windows 11 pc configured with Voice to Text enabled and a beautiful Wireless Mcrophone and Headset.

When writing/voicing a Scrivener document and turning on the microphone, a notification next to the little microphone “pop-up” states some of features may not work in this application

I’m not paying $699.00 +taxes for Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional version 16. Is there an app that will work completely in Scrivener?

Is there a Scivener upgrade to resolve the issue?

Thanks in advance for providing me with useable information.
John Hayes

Perhaps check > this post <

Thank you, Vincent. I agree with you. that way Dragon Naturally Speaking is the Cadillac of voice to text. The issue is $699, who can afford this, successfully writers?

Using Word or Google is NOT the same as using Scrivener, the Cadillac of writer. I’ve gone to the MS Store in search of an app which will work, so far no luck.

I may have to bite the bullet and save my pennies to buy Dragon.

Thanks again,

PS is anyone out there knows of solution, I’m all ears and eyes.

You missed the point…
Scrivener itself doesn’t have that function.
But Windows does, built-in.
You use that, it’ll type what you say in Scrivener.

That should technically do it for you. :wink:

P.S. I make no mention of Word anywhere.

I understand and agree. What I’m trying to say is that when I’m in the Scrivener Editor and begin the microphone session it states not all the features may work.

My reason for mentioning MS Word is this pop-notification that “not all the features may work” does not happen, and voice to txt works fine in Word. But who wants to use Word when we have Scrivener?

Maybe I will return to Microsoft Store and do a more lengthy and detailed search and test, otherwise it’s Dragon which I have version 15, but this will not be supported nor does it work that well in Scrivener or Word.


Did you test it past that message ?

What I think might not work are the editing commands. (But I don’t actually know for a fact.)

Good point, and yes Voice to Txt works well, you’re right, maybe I don’t know the editing commands properly.

I am using the voice to text in this message, and, it sort of works. Unable to do some editing commands like delete previously written txt, and if I use my keyboard the mic in the app turns off.

You should know that the more we delve into this, the more I’m thinking Dragon.

Well, Dragon IS the thing.
No one will argue that.


The latest version of Scrivener for Windows is 3.0 is nearly three years old at this point. I don’t know if the latest version fixes the specific problem you’re having, but it fixes a lot of others.

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Thank you and I understand. Note: I gave up and went dug out my old Dragon v15, from my email, downloaded and installed on my computer, and it appears to be working very well.

Without being too nerdy, there is an issue with the toolbar, but this is for a Dragon Forum. :nerd_face:

For anyone interested, today I tested LilySpeech for myself.

It sucks in French, but on the other hand it works impressively well in English.
Even me who speaks it with rough corners, it types what I say flawlessly.
(I didn’t spend hours dictating in English, but for the time I’ve put in the test I was impressed. Enough so that I am now considering dictating my revision notes in English. – In French it is truly a depressing mess. ← I am being nice, here.)

Free, Open source, works under Windows.


Thank you for taking the time share.

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Likewise. It does seem to do quite a good job. Thanks for sharing.


I have downlaoded Lily, worked fine and then it went dead hanging on the splash screen. Tried to uninstall and reinstall, still hanging on splash screen. Contacted support waiting for reply.

Right. It does that sometimes.
The fix is to simply relaunch it a second time over the hung first and wait. The splash screen will disappear, then reappear, and then it’ll work.

Not sure it is a real app.
I think it might be an AutoHotKey script. ( ← Which would take nothing away from it. …So long as it works.)

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You may bhe correct. I did go to the troubleshooting section of Lily and they suggested disable anti-virus during the installation, this worked. In order to get the hanging splash screen to stop I had to use Windows 11 Task Manager (always a life saver since old days of Windows NT.

What’s funny is, all this being said, I like Lily Speech better than Dragon 15 Individual, even with all voice/word training. Lily understands my Brooklyn accent, Dragon does not. Fuhgeddaboudit! LOL

Again for the share!