Scrivener 3.0

I apologize if there is already a forum for this, but I couldn’t find it. Regarding 3.0:

  • When will 3.0 be released?
  • Is there a list of new features (not bug fixes)?



This thread has a long discussion that mostly makes the point that it will be released when it’s ready, and that only a few hints regarding the features are known. Among the things that Keith (the creator and iOS/MacOS developer) is that a full styles system will be implemented for v3, and that something interesting will be done to merge favorites, project notes, and references.


Thanks - I read through the other topic and was hoping with the beta closed that there would be something a bit more definitive by now.

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“Closed beta” means that it is only open to specific people that L&L designate, not that it’s done. An open beta would be where anyone can sign up to participate.

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There are some interesting hints re 3.0 in the podcast linked here:

There were also the two tantalizing screenshots of a new swimlane view for the corkboard.*


  • Feature internal code name ‘floopy’.

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Yes, I have read this, too. Not sure yet what it really means or how it turns out.
Since I am doing all publications of my series via collections, one collection for each novel, print book or collection book, sometimes even different ones per issue (Pending over which sales plattform I’m selling the book), I was always hoping there will be a way one day, to assign and save specific compile settings for a specific collection - including all belonging Meta-Data … This would help me a lot …