Scrivener 3.1.1 - Discontinues ePub2

Thank you very much for making Scrivener even better. I do love the dark Mode and already adore the Focus mode. I’m also in to discontinue older formats to benefit of newer ones, like ePub3 taking over for ePub2.
However, using Scrivener as my main production tool for selfpublishing, I’m now into trouble because some SP portals and sales channels like ePubli or Tolino (not sure yet about Kobo) do not (yet) accept ePub3.
So I’m not sure what to do now on my coming publication with these folks … :open_mouth:

Yeah, I’m in the same boat wrt Tolino. Maybe we should all email and tell them to go with the times and finally support current standards, such as ePub 3 …

For now for an easily accomplished workaround, see the following discussion link regarding Kobo. In particular, this is AmberV’s instructions on how to get Scrivener 3.1. to work with ePub 2: … 55#p279155

EDIT: See next post by KB (< thank you) for an easier method.

Wow, ePub 3 has been around for nearly five years, so I’m surprised there are still platforms out there that do not support it.

Here’s an easy way to get Epub 2 support back:

  1. Download and extract the attached Compile format (this is just the old “Ebook” Compile format for ePub 2/Mobi).

  2. In Compile, click on the gear icon at the bottom of the Formats list and select “Import Formats…”.

  3. Choose to import the format into “My Formats”, so that it is available for all projects.

“Epub” will become “Epub 3” and “Epub 2” will now be available again.

Basically, it’s only a “soft” removal of Epub 2 support - if there are any user formats that rely on Epub 2, Epub 2 is still available. That way we aren’t forcing anybody who has a project that relies on Epub 2 to change up to a new format. So by installing the old Epub 2 “Ebook” Compile format, it brings Epub 2 back.

All the best,
Keith (5.68 KB)

Hi KB,

Thank you for your answer. This helps for now.
I do also agree some portals do need to move forward and adapt the ePub3 soonest.
It about time …
I will also mail the request to my sales channels and recommend any author, who is facing the same issue, to do it as well.


Can we, who use Windows Beta, do soemthing, too, to get epub 2 back?
this here I tried and it didn’t work. After importing this legacy format, Istill have only epub 3

Please post this in the beta forum. – Katherine

That I did.
But I got no answer.
And I suppose, there is nobody, who would know,exept ofkeith.