Scrivener 3.1 Accessibility

More specifically, since it’s clear the .scrtheme file can be loaded directly from anywhere — I have a Scrivener Options directory for all that stuff — where does the image file go?

EDIT: Did some digging. Looks like the “standard” place for new themes may be:

c:/users/[USERNAME]/Local Settings/Application Data/LiteratureAndLatte/Scrivener/Themes

Should the two files in the zip file be dropped there?

Again, thanks.


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Hi Thomas,
You put the theme anywhere you like, and import it.
Window—>Themes—>Import Theme.
The picture, you place in the permanent location of your choice.

My directory: D:/Writing/Scrivener Themes. (Substitute drive letter for the drive where you keep your files).

After choosing “Import Theme” in Scrivener, open Window—>Themes again, and you will see Midnight located by itself below the standard themes that come w-Scrivener.

Select it, then close Scrivener completely, and reopen.

Scrivener will have moved the theme to the app data folder where it keeps them.

It will not have moved in the picture, as it is set to let you change those anytime you want.

To use the picture, open Options, main editor & go to the color tab. You will find an extra button to choose a pic. Select it, click OK.

I’m on a phone right now or I would give you the buttons name. It is right above the button where you choose your color.

Lastly; it has my preferences saved with it, and you may not like those. So please do go through the options tab and change things to your own liking.

If you happen to reset a color for an option, there’s a great free little app for Windows called Color cop, which will let you change it back via eye dropper.

I know—a pain, but in order to have the default be what the theme is; I would have needed the source code of Scrivener decompiled.

It is a really quick fix with Color Cop or similar eye dropper program though.

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Oh, missed something.
You open the zip file, you can do this via Windows explorer, and just drag the .scrtheme file to where you like, also the picture.

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Thank you Devin, I’m glad you like it.

@BadScribbler Hey, thanks for the cool theme! Very clean - I love it!


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@thomas.neuburger Files > Options > Appearance > Main Editor > Colors > Fixed Width Background > Choose Texture

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Thank you so much Jim, I’m glad you like it.

Thank you Jim for the path to the button for Thomas.

Excellent, really like it, so thanks very much!

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Thanks for working up and posting the theme. I’m vision impaired and the standard white or high intensity colors ‘bloom’ in my vision, preventing me from being able to read black or dark text on a white or high intensity background. I also suffer from runonsentenceitis.

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You are welcome Tom.
I’ll confess, I made it for strictly egotistical reasons. My vision is shot after decades as a corporate drone, much of it spent w-fluorescent lighting and CRT screens.

The out-of-the-box themes were problematic for me, even zoomed in & w-a 20” monitor.

I am so happy others are finding use from my theme also.

Very glad you are enjoying it. :relaxed: