Scrivener 3.3.1 update for Mac repeatedly failing

I’ve tried several times to update Scrivener to 3.3.1 after an update offer popped up, but each time it fails after getting to around 82MB. Is there some magic trick I can do to re-educate it, or is this a subtle warning?

Perhaps reboot, or download and install from the Literature & Latte download site.

I’ll try rebooting first…

It’s not uncommon for the automatic upgrade to fail for one reason or another, and downloading a fresh copy is always fine to do instead. It is essentially the same exact thing, just different ways of getting it.

Ah, the restart worked, thank you, rms; I’d shut down and booted up again before, but the restart made the difference.

That’s odd, since a shut down and reboot IS a restart.

I think that technically there’s a slight difference, though all computer technology is basically magic to me; anyway, sometimes a shutdown-startup doesn’t work but a restart will.