Scrivener 3 Beta expiration -- Will I still be able to use beta if already downloaded?

I see that Scrivener 3 Beta will expire at the end of this month. If I’ve already downloaded it, will I be able to use it past that date? And be able to access my saved project?


F12 / General / Startup / Automatically check for updates, will ensue you get the update to the Beta when it occurs.

Thanks, but still a question or two:

  1. Will there be a gap between the end of this Beta and the release of the next?

  2. If there’s a gap, will I still be able to work with the current beta already installed on my computer? Or will I be in limbo?

FWIW, I do have a license for Ver

Answer 1: There’s never been a gap in the betas. Usually the new beta comes out one or two days prior to the expiration of the previous one.

Answer 2: No, After the expiration date, that beta will no longer function. But see my answer above.

If it makes you feel more secure, do what I do and just copy and paste the text from the beta 3 documents over to a v.1 project.

Thanks for the responses.

Scrivener 3 beta will lock you out after the beta expires–once the deadline is passed, you can’t use the beta.

As others have said, this isn’t an issue for folks with internet access because the updates come out quite a few days in advance (and given the holiday season I’m sure the next beta will be even earlier than it’s usual). But if you’re going away travelling/seeing the family/etc without internet access make sure to check for a new release before you depart, and prepare a back-up method if the beta is still set to expire while you’re travelling/offline/etc.

Or just make a point of coming here to the beta forum when you get back, download the new version directly, and install it.

That’s fine if you don’t actually do any work while visiting relatives for the holidays, but how am I supposed to actually write when I excuse myself from all the holiday cheer* and I can’t get onto their wifi…because they don’t have any!? :open_mouth:

[size=85]* Long-standing familial arguments[/size]


My solution to this may not work for everyone, but I just avoid visiting relatives for holidays. If they want to see me, they can come here. I am more than happy to hole up in my office. :smiling_imp:

6 kids and 11 grandkids, I dont have a choice. Family Christmas, but I have phone hotspot and a portable 4g modem/router and aerial for poor reception areas.

No wifi? Too many family members? Need the new Scriv beta? Perfect excuse for a morning in a coffee shop a few miles away… 8)

It’s now the expiration date and I can’t find the update.

No it’s not. Beta 32 was released a little while back and it expires after 20 Jan. If you look on the Windows Beta home page you will see the derails, or you could just select Help > check for updates - on iPad so that may not be exact wording

I was still on 31 and hadn’t received the 32 update notification. I see it now. Thank you

20 days for the beta to be valid is a really narrow and frustrating window.

I’m not using scrivener on a daily basis and it is frustrating that every time I open it it has expired and I need to reinstall. How close to release are we?

Strange. When the Betas I use expire, I get a notice of a new Beta. I click on a button, a download happens, and I hit install or update or whatever it says. Wham, bam thank you, ma’m and Bob’s yer unkle I have a new Beta. Can’t beat that.

The whole point of the narrow window is so that we don’t have users using a very old version of the beta then hitting a bug that’s long since been fixed. If you aren’t going to use it frequently and are not prepared to update often, perhaps using the beta is not the best choice for you.

On that toppic i’d like to add that Scrivener makes only a checkup with the system time, which potentially allows the use after past date. Im not sure that is wanted but i suggest closing this loophole even though it allows updating beta after past date… :exclamation: