Scrivener 3 - Compiling - Cover not showing on epub file on ereader

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I’m trying to navigate Scrivener 3 - even though my cover is showing in the cover image tab in the compile box it is not showing up when I put it on the ereader - any thoughts??

Also, I noticed that I don’t have an option of just a straight epub Ebook format choice in the combile window - I have epub 2 and epub 3 - but the instruction manual shows a epub Ebook format option. I have selected epub 3 but I feel like something is missing from my choices?

Final question - I know that Amazon now take epub files for uploads but are we still not able to put an epub file directly onto our Kindles? Mine is not showing up.
Thank you in advance!!

Check to checkbox at the bottom of the Cover tab in the ePub3 Compile Settings to add a HTML-cover. Make sure the width: 100% and height: auto.
Make sure to load the image with Import image from File.

Choose ePub3 for the current Format. Also pick the ePub Compile Format in the left column of the Compile Overview window.

Kindle will still not load ePub files. KDP converts it to KF8 after uploading your ePub3 file.


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Note that some ereaders put the dedicated cover image into the “page flow” dynamically. It sounds like you’re using one that does not, so it may seem like a good idea to add the option as described, but on readers that do show the cover (like Kindle), you may end up with two cover pages.

As for which format to use: unless you have a vendor that is ages out of date and still demanding ePub 2, there is no reason to use it. It’s not even documented for a reason. Although most ebook readers will read them just fine, there is little reason to use an ancient format.

Thanks Antoni.

In the left column of the compile overview window ‘Formats’ I don’t see an ePub compile format - I’ve got ebook and ebook screenplay and a default to Scrivener v1 …should there be more there?

Ebook is the one to use, duplicate and edit to make it your own

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Ahh, okay. Thank you!

Can I bug you with another question - no title page is showing up for me in the ebook format…and the ‘front matter’ doesnt’ have a title page option - I’ve used the one that was in paperback option - but am I missing something here? In the compile overview I’ve filled in the metadata tag but it only seems to be populating the header info. No title page.

You can use any title page you want. Check the Placeholder Pdf in the Help menu for Placeholders you can use. Also Custom Metadata is possible, with the Placeholder <$custom:MyCustomMetadata>. Check the Pdf for details.
You may need an ebook Subfolder in the front matter folder to keep it apart from the Paperback version.

Metadata in the Compile Overview window is not used for title pages, but will show up as metadata of the ebook.

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I have to admit Scrivener 3 is a bit of a nightmare for me. Am struggling to work out the compiling at the worst possible time with a new book coming out. Will sit down and try and watch some tutorials.

That’s why it’s advised to Compile regularly and not wait to the last minute. You could Compile every Chapter when it’s down on paper.

Don’t hesitate to ask more questions here, when they arise…

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I do it regularly, this is my 11th book, but I’ve been using the old Scrivener system, this is the first time on the new 3.

The compiler is not very intuitive, it wasn’t on the old system either. I think I need to find some tutorials online as I just have too many questions!

Thanks for your help anyway.

Tutorials are in the Help menu as well.

Yes, I had a look there but couldn’t see one specifically for compiling. Will check again.

Try Antoni’s Book on Amazon has has a big chapter just on compiling. I got the book and is excellent