Scrivener 3 Crashing After macOS 10.15.4 Update


A new supplemental update for 10.15.4 was released last night. It may be worth trying to see if that’s fixed the problem.

I’ve already installed it, so I’ll see. But reading the notes it doesn’t seem to address the bugs discussed in that article. Anyway, no doubt I’ll find out soon if they’ve cured it.



Last November (early adopter), I ended up rolling back to Mojave from Catalina on three different computers, after finding an OS bug described here: [url]] (my bug report is at the end of the thread). Checked the board today in hopes that it might have been fixed. It doesn’t seem so. And, from reading this thread, I guess there are lots of other reasons to stay put.

I resolved my issue. Read on if you’d like to know the details…

One particular Scrivener 3 file was crashing on me. It was an unusual file I created as a summary of book ‘ideas.’ Every folder was a new book with duplicate subfolders for sketches, notes, research, etc… There were probably over twenty book ideas in there, and I became interested in one of them. I started sketching chapters in that one folder without bothering to move it to a new file.

Then, I updated to macOS 10.15.4 and the crashing began. It could be coincidence that the timing occurred after an update. Who knows?

I moved the book I was working on to a new file and continued working on it. No more crashes.

Moral: perhaps my large file of book ideas was confusing the Scrivener algorithms? This use case might be out of scope of the app. Or the file was too big since there were many books in there.

Anyhow, it’s smooth sailing, and I am having no issues with Scrivener 3 on Catalina again.

Apple also released a supplemental update – without changing the version number – that may have resolved the problem.