Scrivener 3 files compatible with Scrivener 2?

I have an old Mac that I sometimes have to use as a backup when the new Mac is out of order. The old Mac does not have an OS new enough for Scrivener 3. Are files stored in Scrivener 3 possible to open in Scrivener 2, or are files used in Scrivener 3 upgraded in a way that blocks them for use in Scrivener 2?


Scrivener 3 projects are not compatible with Scrivener 2. You can export a scrivener 2 compatible version of your project from Scrivener 3. File > Export > As Scrivener 2 project…

Thanks Silverdragon! That means that if my new Mac shuts down, I will need to open my Scrivener 3 project with another Mac with Scrivener 3 installed,- before I can export it as a Scrivener 2 project and use it for my old Mac. Or I have to export backups in this way to be sure as I write in Scrivener 3. The best thing would be to have backups in 2 as an automatic function. Suggestion for the makers? :slight_smile:

… It’s worth posting over in Wish List and seeing what they say… :smiley: