Scrivener 3 for Windows no longer working

I start by creating a new book 100% in Microsoft Word. I am trying to make a Scrivener 3 for Windows file. I have no idea what I need to do how. No .scriv, scrivx, epub, .docx. Please let me know what we need to do in order fix these issues. Thanks.

Not sure what you tried or failed with … but I believe you should start with viewing the Tutorial, available on the Help menu.

And from yesterday, had you looked:

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Your best bet is to start Scrivener. Select the Help menu and choose Interactive Tutorial. It will create the Interactive Tutorial project and working through that explains the basics. It’s doesn’t matter if you destroy the project. If it becomes a mess, just select Help > Interactive Tutorial to start a new one.
Also available from the Help menu is a link to Video Tutorials. That should be your second place to look.
Once you’re pretty familiar with the basics and naming conventions Scrivener uses, tackle the user manual (F1 to open as a PDF).
Do things in the order I suggested because you’ll be advancing in degrees of understanding.
If you get stuck on a concept, explain what you’ve tried here, and someone will chip in to guide you, but you must be specific, because generic statements could at times mean any of 100 different things.


Remember Scrivener is a writing tool.

After your writing has been done, the best use for Scrivener is to rearrange the structure of your manuscript. If in Word you’ve used Styles with Levels in the Paragraph properties, you can import the manuscript with the nested structure intact using File > Import > Import and Split, as mentioned above.