Scrivener 3 How to change the full screen background

I just upgraded to version 3 and do not like the black ground and white type on the full screen. How can I change it back to white background and black type. I use the full screen all the time and this is jarring.

You can set this under Scrivener > Preferences > Appearance > Composition Mode : Colors. You can also set a backdrop image for a specific project under Project > Project Settings > Background Images.

Thank you for your fast reply. I followed your instructions but still haven’t figured it out. In composition mode -colors I have tried several of the options to no avail. There is a separate place for full screen in appearance preferences but it doesn’t give the option to change the background color of the full screen. Here are the screen shots.

Colors in full screen will be the same as those you select for Main Editor. Select background color in Preferences, and change the text color using the small color block to the right of page layout options. (It has a small down-arrow.) Press and hold that until a color pallete shows, and with that you can set type color.

Thank you. Your instructions helped and I am now back to how I am accustom to working with full screen. Much appreciated.

Whoops, I’ve been too long in Windows-verse where Full Screen = Composition Mode, vs. the actual separate macOS Full Screen setting. Sorry about that! Thanks for sorting it out, PJS!