Scrivener 3 icon on the dock says Scrivener 2

I upgraded from Scrivener 2 to Scrivener 3. The download said Scrivener 2. I downloaded it anyway. It’s a different program than Scrivener 2. In the “About” tab it says version 3.0.2. But the icon on my dock - which is round whereas the Scrivener 2 icon was square - the round icon, when I pass my cursor over it - say Scrivener 2.

I assume I have the correct version but it’s labeled wrong. (And why would this be so confusing?)


Yes, you have the correct version: the About Scrivener box is definitive.

Since you already had ‘Scrivener’ in your Applications folder, Finder renamed the new version ‘Scrivener 2’ to avoid duplication.

To fix it, close Scrivener, locate the application in Finder, and use the Rename command.


Did it. Thank you!