Scrivener 3, import/export compile formats


I’m trying to export a compile format (Project Formats) to another Scrivener project, but when I import it, I see a “No layouts from this format have been assigned…” message.

How can I export/import and include the section layout?

EDIT: Maybe, not to do with import/export, but I have lost layout assignments from all compile formats, including built-in. How do I get them back?


I think I found the problem, but not sure whether or not it is a bug.

I’m writing an article and chose ‘Blank’ from the Project Templates screen. It seems that projects opened using ‘Blank’ don’t include layout assignments. Is this correct?


Its half fixed - I created a new project using the novel template the dragged and dropped draft folder from the original. Now I have the default layout assignment, but it returns me to the original problem.

If I try to import a working compile format from another project, the layout assignments don’t show up.

Okay, I figured it out. Looks like I needed to export the section types from the original project - working ok now.

Right, I think you found the core of the “problem”, such as it can be thought of: that the Blank starter makes almost no assumptions about anything, including what layout assignments you may want. One of the most presumptive things this starter does is add three different Section Types and rig them up so folders work differently from files and file groups. It does have some assignments to the “Default” compile Format, too.

As for import/exporting Layout assignments, there is actually no way of doing that. Each project has its own unique internal configuration for the most part, so that wouldn’t work too well. So setting up a new project is just a matter of following the advice in the yellow warning box and getting things assigned the way you want.

You may want to consider making your own project template from Blank, if you have ideas about what you’d commonly like assigned (or would like a few additional Section Types to work with, etc.) Blank is great for what it is, but if you have preferences at all, it can mean more work if you always start from that. I have my own blank starter with labels I find useful, settings I prefer like Scrivenings titles, and indeed all of the compile Formats I regularly use are assigned and set up.

Okay, I figured it out. Looks like I needed to export the section types from the original project - working ok now.

Yes that part you can freely import and export, yup. Types are different from Layouts though. The latter is how we choose to print Types, when compiling. The former is simply a way of describing the outline in the binder—saying this a “Section” or “Text Chunk”, without really saying how they will look.

Thanks, learned a lot about Scrivener today! In the past, I’ve written books using the Novels template, but never really understood what the section layouts did - just tinkered a bit.