Scrivener 3 in German: Only parts of "options"-menu translated

I use Scrivener 3 for Windows (Version: (1274647) 64-Bit). As I am german user, under “options > language” German language ist activated. However, only parts of the menu are in German language, E.g. the items under “file” are some in german, others in english. The “options” menu under “File” is completely in english. On the web I saw screenshots with all menu options in german, so is this this a bug in my version or could I fix this?
Thanks in advance, Etojok1

The German translation of the interface is not yet complete. You’ll see in the dropdown list of languages that some have “Preview Available” next to the name, indicating that they are not full translations yet. We’re still working on this, so stay tuned.

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OK, thanks a lot, I did not have this in mind. :+1:

IT seems that there has been no progress re the localization of German and lots of other languages over the past two years.

Can you please tell us about your current plans?

It is soooooo ugly and a pain in the eye to have these mixtures of German and English and lots of wrong and inconsistent German items.

People using applications like Scrivener are naturally extremely language-sensitive so …

Maybe it would make sense to use editable resources for the UI, so that a community effort could help with this issue. Many projects (open-source though) work with that approach and maybe there is a chance to decouple the UI strings from the main program and load them at runtime and pull the needed language resource files from some repo at GitHub - just a thought for your development people …

Jens Olaf

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Absolutely true. It is still a mixup of english and german + some typos as well. I thought about changing language back to english, just to not have to read this pain-in-the-eye…