Scrivener 3 in spanish

My native language is spanish. As I changed the settings from english to spanish (general/language tab and corrections/spelling tab) I see the program does an incomplete job to translate the name of the buttons. Also I haven´t found a way to use the writing tools in spanish as Scrivener keeps refering me to english language dictionaries

Hello! You find the other dictionaries under

File → Options → Corrections then select “Spelling” in the left column.

On that tab you can download other dictionaries, select them, and view your personal word list.

Thanks for your answer.
I did download the spanish dictionary long ago but it only works to check spelling (actually it is quite deficient in this respect as there are many spanish words not included).

All writing tools besides ortography work only for english language in Scrivener 3. Even the external use of Wordreference has not been fixed as to work consecuently with spanish language

By the way, did you check yourself to see if it realy works in your computer?

Hi Pedro! I write in English and German. I have never tried the Spanish dictionary. And I don’t use the word list. Yes, Scrivener’s support of anything other than English is not very convincing, I agree.