Scrivener 3 keeps losing activation

Every couple of times I use Scrivener, it will state that I don’t have an active activation code, then close. I clearly have added my activation email address and license key previously, but Scrivener appears to ‘lose’ it.

I relaunch Scrivener, it prompts me for my email address and activation key, which I enter.

Eventually it tells me that my activation is successful etc.

What must I submit and to whom must I submit it to have this on the active bug list?



Contact L&L support directly (from the Contact Us page on their main website) so they can work with you to determine if there is an issue with your account and the licensing service. They cannot discuss licensing issues on the forum due to privacy issues.

This is definitely a bug. Happens to me randomly. Have submitted a bug report.

You have probably encountered a known bug. More information here:

We are working with Paddle, our licensing vendor, to find a solution. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Has there been any update on this bug? Is it fixed?

There were some fixes that were rolled into the latest version of Scrivener for Windows, so make sure you’re fully updated on the latest version. However, there has been no announcement yet that the bug is completely fixed yet.

I bought the license to the latest version of Scrivener,, and every time I open the software, I get, “Scrivener’s activation is no longer valid. This may be because…”
Then I have to re-enter the license number, which is irritating. How do I get the license number to “stick”?

Start by upgrading to the current version, 3.2.3, which you can download here:

If that doesn’t help, please open a support ticket. We can’t address licensing issues through the forum.