Scrivener 3 - License Key and the Internet

I purchased a new computer specifically to write my book. I did NOT want this computer on the internet at all. When I downloaded Scrivener 3 yesterday and installed it on my new computer it forced me to go online to register with the license key. I understood having to do it that first time so it could communicate with the servers to be sure it was a valid key. I wrote 2 chapters then went to do something. When I came back and opened Scrivener, it told me I had to log onto the internet again to validate a license key or my trial would end in 30 days. It also says something about checking online for any discounts I may get for upgrading. But there is already a link there to click if you are upgrading and getting a discount.

After registering the license key the first time I got the successful dialog box so now I am concerned I will have to log onto the internet every time I open Scrivener. I do not plan to save my work on any online servers. I am storing locally and on my external drive for a backup.

Is it possible to use Scrivener without being on the internet? I truly love this software so far but forcing me to log onto the internet before every use to validate my key is a deal breaker.

Any assistance or tips on something I should be doing that I am missing would be greatly appreciated.

No, you should not need to be on the internet to use Scrivener.

If this persists, please open a support ticket, here:


I know in order to actually write using the software I do not have to be connected to the internet; but it seems in order to make my license key stay, it needs to validate it every time I open Scrivener. I opened a support ticket a few hours after posting this assuming Scrivener themselves would have to help with this issue. Its basically the same message with more detail explaining the issue.

The software worked perfectly after successfully installing and validating my license key the first time. I have just been hesitant to connect to the internet again to go through the process since I began writing already.

Scrivener will periodically check to make sure your license is still valid – that’s how we check for returns, for example – so it will make occasionally make use of an internet connection if one exists. But that process should be silent unless there’s an error. So yes, something is definitely wrong in your case.