Scrivener 3 macOS Shortcut Cheatsheet

I have had this problem as well, and it seems to come up often. The issue is that one doesn’t know which shortcuts are used by Scrivener and this makes creating your own unique shortcut difficult.

So, to ease the path, I have created a listing of all the Scrivener 3 shortcuts and attached it here as a .pdf file. The list is sorted alphabetically by the printable shortcut letter. For example the shortcut for copy is CMD-C, For that shortcut, the printable letter is ‘C’. That way, it is easy to find if a particular shortcut is already used, and if so, for what.

The document includes some notes on how I created the list, and what it’s limitations are. Also, the file is free to use for any purpose and is available from me in Markdown format.

Note: I have updated the file with the correction found by Silverdragon. The new file has an indication of the version–1.1.
Note2: Now version 1.2 with fix for Scrivener-Project Settings.
Scrivener3ShortcutsSortedByLetter V1.2.pdf (79.1 KB)

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If you download the app Cheatsheet you can see all the shortcuts in any app by holding down the Apple key. After a few seconds a big popup window shows all shortcuts applicable where you are.

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That is super useful. THANKS for sharing.

Would love to have the Markdown file.

Slàinte mhòr.

Thanks for making this available! I’ve moved your post over to the Using Scrivener board and set it to sticky.

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One minor error : the shortcut for Scrivener > Preferences… is cmd-, not cmd-|

I only know because it’s one of the few I have memorised…

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And Project > Project Settings should be CMD OPT COMMA

Slàinte mhòr.

Oh, yes. Don’t it though!

Thank you TBrown313,
my life just got easier.

CheatSheet is found here…

thank you for sharing this… here some Mac shortcuts
New Document ⌘ N
New Folder ⌘⌥ N
Duplicate ⌘⌥ D
Group ⌘⌥ G
Previous Document ⌘⌥ ↑
Next Document ⌘⌥ ↓
Inspector ⌘⌥ I
Compile ⌘⌥ E
Save Now ⌘ S
Sync Now ⌘⇧ S (This support simple course is only open in exercises that are currently set up to modify)