Scrivener 3: Novel- Parts, Chapters, Numbering within Chapters and then reset with new chapter

I am creating a novel with three parts, in each part multiple chapters, in each chapter, sub-chapters which I want ‘numbered’ and RESET within each Chapter within each Part.

My setup and hierarchy as follows…

In binder, I have a folder for each ‘Part’. (when compiled, this prints out ‘Part 1’, ‘Part 2’, etc…) Then under each Part, I have a folder for each chapter which I label a meaningful title for each chapter. I have successfully included a divider line below each title. All good so far. Under each chapter ‘labeled with the meaningful title’, I have my text files (the content of my novel) for each part of each chapter (I’ll call them SUB-CHAPTERS). Now, I want each sub-chapter to have its own Number. For example, Under a chapter with meaningful title ‘Rowan’s Dream’, I want to print 1, 2, 3, etc… as the sub-chapters progress under ‘Rowan’s Dream’ but then when I get to a new chapter, I want that numbering to reset and start again at 1.

Under compile,…
For ‘Parts’, I assigned under ‘section layout’ ‘HEADING’ and labeled it as ‘Part’, then under ‘Edit Format’ ‘Section Layouts’ under ‘Part Number Page’, I inserted this tag: PART <$t:part>. This numbers each Part in my hierarchy.

For each sub-chapter (text files) I assigned under ‘section layout’, ‘SECTION’, then under ‘Edit Format’ ‘Section Layouts’ under ‘SECTION TEXT’, I inserted these tags:
<$n> (this tag inserts the numbers for each sub-chapter)
<$img:bd4.png> (this tag inserts an image for a line divider).

This works.

Ok, now when I compile, numbers appear above each divider line of each text file (sub-chapters) within each chapter. This is what I want. However, when I proceed to a new chapter or a new Part, the sub-chapter numbering from the 1st chapter in 1st part, continues onward without resetting to number ‘1’ which is what I want.

So what do i need to do to reset my ‘sub-chapter’ numbering?


Basically, the idea is that you assign a named number code to each level, thus creating a named autonumber stream for each level, and you reset that autonumber in the element above it using the code <$rst_numbercode>

So in the Title Prefix of the Section Layout for your subchapters you would have, say (the actual name after the colon doesn’t matter as long as it’s different for each level)


And in the Title Prefix of the Section Layout for the chapters, you would have


If you wanted to reset the chapter numbers after each change in Part, then the Part Title Prefix would have:


This is from the help item: List of All Placeholders:

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This works! Thanks for sharing, went through a lot of frustration before this simple solution.

I’d forgotten I’d written that… I’m glad it was useful!