Scrivener 3 on windows- cant get project target word counts to update

hey everyone.
For some reason my manuscript target is not updating. Session target is 0 no matter what I do .(both on the project target windows as well as when I hover the chapter name in the search bar.
I am writing under manuscript format, and the scene I am writing is set to be included on compile. What can I be doing wrong?

Do you mean that “Target” value is not updating or the written wordcount?
And what do you mean by “hover the chapter name in the search bar”?
To set the Target for session (although this counter did work wonkily for me on occasion), you need to set the value in the lower box:


Which of these is 0 for you?
Maybe check the options and try switching this on:

I’m suddenly having a similar problem, that my session numbers aren’t increasing when I add words to certain documents in my manuscript. All of the documents are in the same nested level, but some of them don’t show anything being added in the session target box, no matter how many words I type. It’s not what I’m typing, because I can copy and paste it into documents that will update the session target. Weirdly, when I check the “Count text written anywhere in the project” target option, then the session count updates from those problem documents. It’s as though those documents aren’t being counted as actual documents but as comments or references or something (maybe–I don’t actually know).

Eta: So I found a document that would update the session counter when typing in it. I duplicated the document and copied everything over to it from the document that wouldn’t update the session counter. The counter works with the duplicated document. If I tried duplicating the document that it wouldn’t work with, that duplicate also didn’t work. So it’s something in the structure of specific documents in my manuscript, but I don’t know what that problem might be. Maybe something for the bug hunt?

One last edit: The problem document that I first noticed this in was working previously. I typed in that document a few days ago and the session counter was counting. Today, it wasn’t counting. So at some point, the session counter just decided to stop working with that specific document and with certain other documents but not others. That’s really problematic.

I stopped trying to work out what counts how, what counts in the session or written history or wherever. Made an excel file and I’m updating sums of wordcount based on the Outline “Total Words” column (I take the values on the Story Part level for my novel) and this gives me daily progress.
Wordcount from Outline is one to one what is counted in each document, and this is what I need. Gave up on guessing why some text is treated as “Elsewhere” in other stats.

So, either I’m an idiot, or I found something that works in a way that it shouldn’t. Basically, every document that the session counter wasn’t working in had “Include in Compile” unchecked in the inspector pane. The issue is that in the Session Targets options menu, there isn’t any option for including or not including documents that have that checked. The Draft Target options has a “Only count documents set to be included in Compile” but that doesn’t affect the session counter.

I feel like either there should be a separate “Only count documents set to be included in Compile” setting in the Session Target options, or the “Include in Compile” checkbox shouldn’t affect a session counter in any way. Honestly, I think the second option is best, because there’s already the “Count text written anywhere in the project” option under Session Target.

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I think there is some unfortunate combination of options that, if marked, result in this weird outcome. I’m still not sure how words count in Writing History, so I’m not relying on either of these counters. Keeping an external tracker for this turned out to be the only solution :confused: