Scrivener 3 Overruns

Hello, I was wondering how Scrivener 3 overruns work. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

What’s an overrun?


If this is about doing page layout where text overruns some image element, then I think the basic answer is going to be that Scrivener is not made for that kind of typographic design work.

I write in Scrivener.But for cases where I care in that special way about page layout, I compile the result and place it in an Indesign layout project. Using Scriv 3’s styles system, you can effectively merely style-tag special (character or paragraph) items in Scriv that then come to have layout meaning in your inDesign project.

That said, as usual with Scrivener there are deep resources and depending on your needs and skills you might yet accomplish it. I know, for example, you can do whatever LaTeX can do if you are preparing your text in LaTeX and will be post-processing that way. But then that is not Scrivener doing the trick per se, but just that Scrivener has facilities that support a LaTeX workflow.

Gee I hope I guessed the direction of your question correctly!


Overruns are word allowances that you can go over your daily word goal with. So, if I have a max of 2,000 words to write and I reach my goal. The overruns are the words that I went over with. So, I’m wondering how they work on your projected target sessions. Do you get a notice that you’ve run over your word allowance or?

When I was working with project targets, I used Scrivener’s inbuilt ability to calculate a daily target. so for the sake of example I set an overall manuscript target of 80,000 words, and gave myself 80 days to complete it. On day 1 I had to write 1,000 words. When I hit that target, I got a notification telling me so. If I kept writing, then the daily target would be adjusted downwards to take account of the ‘overrun’, as you call it.

Yes, there are optional features for showing overruns in the progress bars, as well as receiving notifications regarding them. You can also set a threshold to be ignored (maybe 100 words over is fine, but not 500). You’ll find the options documented in Project Target Options (pg. 511) and for individual documents, §20.1.2, Document Goals.