Scrivener 3 reverted to Trial Mode and needed reactivation

Today, Scrivener started with a message claiming the activation was invalid and the software reverted to trial mode the next time I started it. After copying my License Key in the activation dialog, everything now functions as it should.

Can we expect more of these glitches? Or is this a one off?

Same issue… the text: “Scrivener’s activation is no longer valid. This may be because the order has been returned, because the license has been blacklisted, or because it was deactivated remotely” is very annoying! it really scared me, but after enter activation code now everything is ok.

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Same - I was afraid I installed it on too many computers at first (I own 4… I might have a problem). But also worked fine again when I entered in my license no. again.

I had the same issue on May 2. Like the others, once I re-entered my key, trial mode turned off.

The dates are suspicious. Given the release date of version 3, it’s about a month later. Will this become a monthly problem? Also, the trial is good for a month of used days. If we keep turning the trial mode on and off, will we reach a point when the trial is expired?

I hope I’m worried about nothing, but I see no response from L&L. A bug in your licensing process that has the potential to lock me out of my novels is about as serious as any issue can get.


We are aware of this potential issue and are working with Paddle, our licensing vendor.

If you need a response for your specific situation, please open a support ticket, here:


Hi Katherine,

On a closely related issue: I’ve been having the same problem, repeatedly, but I have two copies of scrivener–one for my wife–and when I follow the links to request my license key paddle sends me both keys, but they aren’t marked as to which one goes with which order, so I have to guess which one to enter, which might escalate the problem–if I pick the wrong one. Since you’re talking to paddle about this, could you request that they include the order number next to the license key? They do include the order numbers, but do it separately–so it’s not clear which order goes with which key.

Bug is still active. Just had to reinsert my key yet again.