Scrivener 3, Scrivener for iPad, and changes at apple.

Long time use of scrivener, especially for iPad. I originally came here to ask about the differences between Scrivener 3 and the iPad version. Then I read this thread: [url]]. It discusses the changes at Apple, which of course will require a change for scrivener.

It does raise some more questions. Will license’s carry over? Or will there be an upgrade/switch over path? Either way, that decision, for me personally, will be a couple of years out as my iMac is still trudging along just fine.

Back to the reason I came here. I use scrivener exclusively on iPad, for now. Not sure exactly why I have done that, I just have. I really like using scrivener and I have done more writing than ever thanks to this software. Lately, I find myself in front of my iMac more and more. This probably won’t change in the next year. I am currently living in South Korea for work. Before I drop ~$50 on the desktop version, what can it offer me that the iPad version does not? Is it worth the extra money?

Thank for any replies.

This quote from AmberV (one of the L&L team) might be helpful:

It’s from this thread: Scrivener iOS vs macOS (features comparison table anywhere?)

MacOS Scrivener is like the iOS version on steroids. There are literally hundreds of features that either aren’t present on iOS, or are much reduced in functionality. The good news is that you have a 30 day trial of Scrivener before you have to pay for a license, so you can get a good feel for it. That’s 30 days of actual use, not 30 consecutive days.

If you write regularly and enjoy using iOS Scrivener, then in my opinion it will be the best $50 you could spend.

Thank you Kinsey, I just downloaded the free trial. I didn’t know that was it was thirty days of actual use. That is very good to know. This should be fun. :slight_smile:

No problem, enjoy!

I don’t speak for the company, but I’ve been through the Motorola → Intel transition, and there was no additional license required for that. If we were still living with version 2 for the Mac, after nearly a decade, I’d assume that they’d be working on a paid upgrade. But we’re only recently (by the time scale of Scrivener releases) up to version 3 for Mac, and so I don’t believe that they’ll create an artificial version 4 just to force people to pay for an upgrade license.

Take a look here, where you can still download version 1.54 for Motorola & Intel processors (released 2010), and also version 2.5 (released in 2013) which was the last version that could run on both processor types. The paid upgrade happened at 2.0, but it was not required to run on the (then) new Intel architecture. My belief is that the transition to ARM will look similar. … s?os=macOS

Scrivener 3 will be updated to work on Apple Silicon machines. I say “will” - in fact I’ve already done it and have it running perfectly smoothly on a Silicon machine, so it will just be a matter of releasing the “universal” version (the version that is native to both Intel and Silicon) when Apple releases a Silicon machine and allows developers to upload universal binaries. This will be a free update for Scrivener 3 users. Likewise Scrivener 3 will be (has been internally) updated for the Big Sur UI.

The iPad and iPhone versions are also due some free updates, which I’ll be working on very soon.

All the best,

What do you think of the Silicon machine? (Or rather, what, if anything, will Apple let you say about it?)


Actually I’m not even sure if I’m allowed to say whether or not I have a Silicon machine! So, er, Scrivener runs fine on Silicon but I cannot say how I know that. :slight_smile:

Under no circumstances should you say that you have received a transition kit in the form of a Mac Mini for testing purposes. Some developers showed it on YouTube, since then you don’t hear from them anymore. 8) 8)

I would like to stress that my feeling that Scrivener runs fine on Silicon is purely a hunch. :slight_smile:

I would like to stress that my feeling that Scrivener runs fine on Silicon is purely a hunch. :slight_smile:
Editorially speaking, if you lower-case that S in silicon you’re technically not even prevaricating.

I took my Scrivener out and put in on some silicon. It did not run. It just sat there until the tide came and, one bite at a time, washed all its bits away.


KB, I’m certain that you’ve already mastered the completely unknowable change for an unmentionable hardware that you hypothetically do not have access too. We trust the turtles have seen that it all works out in the end.

And did you know that for Germans the term “silicon” is a false friend? Because “Silikon” is a German word but it does not mean “silicon” but “silicone”? (“Silicon” is “Silizium”, by the way.)

That has lead to funny results more than once when someone couldn’t help translating “Silicon Valley”. Not that it was totally wrong as that other valley very well does exist in California too … We can probably expect more incidents of this mistranslation over the time Apple Silicon gets known more.

Anyway, Keith, if you want to run Scrivener fine on silicone too you should definitely extend the script writing features. (Damn! I forgot to mention that in my answers to your big survey!) With not only a name but a story line generator too. So it could come up with something like this:

Please forgive me for putting the “silly” into “silicon(e)”.

Keith, as always, impressed with your hunches.

But then having a hunch way back when that writing Scrivener might be a good idea demonstrates the power of your hunches. :smiley:

A genius does not need any hardware to know that everything is going well. 8) 8) 8)

Another question. With the announced updates for the adaptations to the new macOs, are there only fixes or also new features included?

macOs Big Sur will most likely be released in the next few days, probably at the keynote. It was already announced that there will be an update for Scrivener 3 (Mac) and for iPadOs.
My question about this: Is it just an update for the operating system, the user interface, etc. or will there be new features as well?

Oh, he was way past Silicon even then. You see, Scrivener was already running internally just fine on Neurons.

Hi there,

Apple announced yesterday the release for Big Sur for tomorrow. It has already been posted that Scrivener 3 will get some customizations. Will the new version be available on the release date of macOs 11.01?


Hope nobody is in a rush. I tried to download it and it says, “About 2 days remaining.” The download site is slammed beyond belief. I’m not really surprised. It looks like everybody and their neighbor-in-law is trying to download it.


The Scrivener Big Sur/Silicon update still needs a few final touches, so unfortunately it’s not going to be out on release day - although Apple’s developer site is down right now anyway. It won’t be much longer, though.

All the best,