Scrivener 3 separators not centered

Not sure if this is a bug or I’m doing something wrong.
My project is a novel with regular chapters and scenes, and the structure is the same as the 5 books I created with Scrivener 1. Except now I should be able to create separators between scenes at compile time instead of having to include them in the text.
For each of my compile types - DOCX, MOBI, and EPS, I’ve created custom settings. In each case, I created a 3 asterisk separator between scenes. It works fine for a DOCX compile - the asterisks are centered, but for MOBI and EPS when viewed with Kindle Preview or a physical Kindle the asterisks are left justified.
Is there a solution or do need to go back to including them in the text?

Anyone? I’m guessing this is a bug.

You could think about correcting this in an e-book Editor. Like Calibri or Sigil. The Css-class used probably doesn’t center the special characters like it should.

Thanks. I used to put the dividers in with the text and mark them as preserve formatting. I’ll do that again if it’s not fixed before I publish. Anyone know if the Mac version works correctly?

Now I’ve dug deeper into Sigil, I see how easy it is to edit the class of any individual element. Thanks again for your suggestion.

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If you are looking for a fix for this bug (that doesn’t involving fixing it in Sigil every time), I’ve posted a solution over here.

Thank you so so much!