Scrivener 3. Text corruption after loading.

I have installed the latest Scrivener 3 and am running it on Windows 10 - 64bit. Soon after, I noticed my novel word count was less than I should be, and when I checked the scenes, I found one which had corrupted to some random text.
This happens every time I load and today the novel was down by 7K words. I am in the final stages before publishing and trying to meet deadline, but can no longer use the program.
Fortunately, I use ProWritingAid, and was able to see that the snapshot files generated by Scriver where still intact, which suggests the bug is a loading error.
A message appears when loading which may shed light on the problem. This reads:
“Session Targets Timeout
Session Targets will be reset”
I contacted support last week, but have had no response other than an automated response. I am hoping this forum will prove more effective.

I’d suspect the corruption was caused by ProWritingAid. However it happened, you’ll have to retrieve text from a snapshot and/or from a zip backup and press on.