Scrivener 3 Themes (macOS)

I’m back with another free theme, this time a slate blue! Feel free to check it out here: … -resource/

Thanks! I had to add a category for you in the theme index section. :laughing:

Note: The stars background is my desktop wallpaper.
Starry Sky.stheme (103 KB)

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Note - Background is my desktop wallpaper
Farmhouse.stheme (85.1 KB)

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Note; Background is my desktop wallpaper.
Shades of Grey.stheme (83.7 KB)

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Download here —>

Thanks for posting your themes! It’s nice to see some winter/cool toned variants. I’ve updated the index on page one.

My pleasure. Thank you!

Oh, looks great, thanks

Ayu Mirage

Ayu Bright

Solarized Night

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These look amazing! Given that Srivener 3 for windows is on the horizon, is there any way of using these on the windows version? Thanks in advance!

Excellent work. This has become my go-to because it reminds me of my days editing on a 9" mac box. Believe me, that’s a good thing.

Thanks for your work!

I’m back at it with my fourth free Scrivener theme!

Here’s the blog post explaining how to access it: … -resource/

Just in time for Spring! Thanks for posting your latest.

Here’s a dark theme I customized. Helped to improve my productivity loads and my eyes didn’t grow as tired. Download link below!

JR’s Darker Theme.stheme (213 KB)

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Very good, but in the Outline view text color of synopsis is dark and it is impossible to read it.

Ahh I see, thanks for bringing it to my attention. It’s not perfect, so feel free to change it up to whatever suits your needs :slight_smile:

Inverted Solarized

Solarized is a popular theme, but does it really work for Scrivener? What with default text in light mode being hard-coded black, and Scrivener’s emphasis on background accenting (labels, style markup), I couldn’t achieve low-contrast main text yet have colourful, easily distinguished, readable background accents with the out-of-the-box Solarized theme.

Here’s my take on an “inside-out” Solarized theme for Scrivener. I use the medium grays, usually used for text, as my backgrounds. Dark mode text is the familiar cream of the Solarized light background; light mode text is of course Scrivener’s default black. The result is that I’m very close to the contrast Solarized is intended to present both in light and in dark modes. As a bonus, using the Solarized background colours as label and style backgrounds results in clear, readable text in both modes as well.

I’m including a Solarized palette (Solarized.clr) for the Apple colour picker. (When in the Colour picker, click on the gear icon and choose Import…) Not only does the palette have the usual Solarized 16-colour palette, I’ve included dark and light versions of the 8 accent colours as well.

Usage suggestions:

  • For backgrounds behind text, use the regular Solarized accent colours (Yellow, Red, etc.) to get proper contrast. This includes label colours used as backgrounds, backgrounds for styles, and backgrounds for comments.
  • For use in links, use the dark colour (Red01, etc.) for the Light theme, and the light colour (Red1, etc.) for the Dark theme.
  • For use in inline annotations, use either the dark (Red01) or light (Red1) colour variations, according to what works best for you, but using the base colour (Red) will remove almost all contrast with the background, and make your annotations hard to read.

Enjoy! (19.7 KB)

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I really like this theme! But, clicking on the link goes to a broken Dropbox link (file not available). Is this theme not available anymore? I can’t find it on google either. Thanks.

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Here it is: