Scrivener 3 Themes (macOS)

That’s not going to be feasible to do without a Mac (and then of course you might as well just use the front end in Scrivener), and even then, you’d probably need to be a developer, to some degree, to do anything useful with the data. For the sake of curiosity, the base64 decodes to a binary serialised object (which itself contains a paired Color and ColorSpace object). As with most object serialisations, they are pretty useless without the program that seralised them or the development environment at the least if it was produced from a common library object.

I just added most of the colours I used to this github page: … /Scrivener

Hope this helps. If you need anything else, just let me know.


Thanks. I am technically savvy, and I do have development experience. But, I think I’ll err on the side of caution and stick with only editing Windows Scrivener theme files. :slight_smile:

Are these the only handful of colors used in the whole theme? What UI elements are ayu-mirage-2, ayu-mirage, and fondo referring to? Thanks.

If you have any luck with this please let me know! I’ve been playing about with some of the customization options in Scrivener to try and replicate a few of these themes for the Windows V3 RC version but haven’t has much luck (being colour blind probably doesn’t help!).

I have not checked to be 100% sure, but probably.

I don’t understand the question.

Hi all,

Amazing work from the respective creators so far. I’ve had some time on my hands and thought I would give it a go and upload some new themes for you all. Thoughts, opinions, complaints? Let me know :smiley:



Monokai Night

Is there some problem with RC8 where it won’t load any themes? Windows themes show “*.sctheme” for theme loading, and whenever I try to load it, regardless of theme (if it is not bundled), the theme says “Scrivener failed loading a theme. Cannot find the theme configuration file.”

I have tried 15 different themes and this occurs on each of them.

See your cross-post in the Windows forum.




My understanding is that Mac themes do not work on Windows, Additionally, the appearance editor on windows beta is not complete yet. Is that correct? I’m trying to make an all black theme but the editor only allows me to change some of the colors.

I downloaded and tested Scrivener 3 beta, I liked it. And figured out how to make dark mode, by clicking on the Dark Mode button in the Options/Manage, or Windows/Themes menu, it was that easy. Totally awesome. But I want black background, black skins, black everything, and only white, yellow, or bright green texts showing up easily.

I remembers Mellow Yellow I saw on L&L, only for Mac OS Scrivener. How to import it into the WIndows Scrivener v3?

Fiddling around, I figured out how, then I saved it as a .prefs file, just to have it safe and handy, just in case. Then I figured out I can export the .prefs file as a .scritheme file.

It’s MellowYellow theme, from this page: [url]]

I’ve been wracking my tired brain trying to reconstruct the steps I did that created these two files. I got distracted by so many themes and downloaded them before I realises that .stheme files are for Mac Scrivener, not Window Scrivener.

I’m wondering if I found MellowYellow.prefs by downloading it from here or from someone’s github link or such. If so, thank you for making the file available, much appreciated.

I also figured, why not let you all know about what I did, using prefs and then exporting them as .scrtheme files, that way, we can try lots of themes available for Windows Scriveners, though only v3, as these cannot be imported or use in older version of Windows 1.9. Sorry. I tried.

Anyways, here’s the two files I exported. Hopes it works for you, and you can modify them anyway you liked. I claimed no ownership over the files, okay. Also, disclaimer, I am not liable for any damages if these files messes up something. Back up first, then test, if you don’t like it, then just revert to default, then puts back what you liked, okay.

All I wanted was to make Scrivener as black as possible, with only white, or yellow, or green texts showing up.
That’s it, no worries.

I tried to import the new MellowYellow.prefs into my Windows Scrivener 1.9, but no go, still same as before. I realises it’ll only work because v3 beta is newer than the old v1.9 version.

I made another .prefs file, with the Source Sans Pro Black font for the texts in the Main Editor area, easier to read, I was trying to replicated the old green fonts on computer screens back in the 1980s that I’d seen. I like playing with fonts, find something that’s readable and not wear out my eyes, ha ha.

Here’s the place where to get these files, okay.

For what it’s worth, it’s all I did, fiddling around, and coming up with something workable that I could use.


I hope it’s okay to post in threads that are more than a month old. Lots of forums frown on that, so I’m not sure how it works here.

What I’ve been doing is changing the colors under Tools —> Options —> Appearance

After you get the desired colors, you can go to the Manage button on the bottom and Save Preference. It’ll ask you to save the preference somewhere. Once you do, you can go to Manage —> Load Preference

This will allow you to load the themes you create whenever you want. I have a folder called Scrivener Customs, where I save backgrounds for the Full Screen toggle, custom icons and the themes. Each of those have their own folders for easier navigation. The only issue I have is not knowing if the menu items can have their colors changed. If they can, I don’t know what they’re called under the Appearance options.

This question is for MacOS and Windows… is there a way to make the Fixed Width background, not tilable.

For example I’ve created a writers background, which I want to span the entire area, however it just tiles it on both sides of the editor…

If you’re referring to the texture setting that can be applied in the Appearance: Main Editor: Colors tab, then no, there is no way to make that work as anything other than a texture—that is the purpose of the feature. :slight_smile:

It would be nice to see someone create a Christmas theme for this time of year. Maybe based around some of the colors from one of my favorite coffee-inspired Christmas pics I found on Unsplash:


Hello, has this thread been closed? I have like… 10 different themes (partially based on each other) :sweat_smile: if anyone is still interested in that.

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We’d love to see screenshots. :slightly_smiling_face: Maybe you can be granted rights to upload images…

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That’d be great! Otherwise, I also have screenshots on my KoFi, though they may be ever so slightly outdated for some themes. I keep tweaking them :sweat_smile:
I’m not sure if linking a site like KoFi is allowed, but my page can be found as Zaharya.

Nope! This thread is meant to be a place to post your themes, so that others can find them, that is why we keep it pinned, and the first post is even a wiki page so those with a high enough trust level can help keep it maintained. Have at it (and you should be able to post screenshots, links, and even theme file uploads).

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Thanks! Well in that case, here’s my Ko-Fi gallery with 4 screenshots each for most of my themes: (some newer variations aren’t on there, but in essence those are the main ones.)
Since uploading all 4 screenshots for all themes would be quite a lot, and I can only upload 5 images per message, I’ll take one image per theme and will have to make more than one message :sweat_smile:
I would recommend checking out the gallery on Ko-fi though, to see all the pictures for each theme, even if you like the first image here – some are more varied than others!
(Oh, and ignore my random drafts please.)