Scrivener 3 will not quit, project tabs don't activate...

I had to force quit Scrivener because neither the red dot nor quit will cause Scrivener to Quit.
After the Force Quit and restarting my Mac launching Scrivener causes it to consecutively load the last 5-8 projects .

One window has Project Tabs. The Project Tabs are quirky. Click on one and it shows the binder for a different project. Close the Project Tab and the window hangs. None of the Tabs will activate; select a project from the Window drop down and some of the projects listed will come to the front but not all the projects listed are open. If I try to open a project nothing happens unable to get to the correct project with one unusable window I must Force Quit and do this over.

Well firstly I would launch Scrivener with the Shift key held down, to keep it from attempting to load eight projects at once into tabs. I don’t know if that’s the problem itself, or if there is something else among the eight causing the problem, but whenever running into difficulties like this the first and most important thing to do is simplify one’s working environment first.

Load only the projects you need right now, one by one, and if all seems well, gradually load more as you need them.

Amber V,
Thanks for the Shift Key Launch tip, I did not know how to prevent Scrivener from opening multiple files in succession. Perhaps multiple sequential project loading was the problem.

After the Shift Key Launch Scrivener provided a Crash Log, which I sent. I’m not sure the problem is gone, but Scrivener is working fine now, Thanks