Scrivener 3 Windows Compatibility

I’m using an older version of scrivener purchased in 2013 without any problems. I’m starting a writer’s group for my church and want to recommend Scrivener - what are the parameters for using version 3? Does it require newer versions of Windows, more ram, could it work with a netbook, what are the compatibility requirements? TIA

Dunno if that helps, but it works just fine on a Surface tablet (i5, 16 GB RAM)

As for the software requirements, I always used Scrivener on Windows 10, so I can’t tell you much about older versions. However the download page clearly states the minimum software requirements.



Two more words: Free Trial.

Additionally, I do not believe it works on Windows ARM devices/versions. You need Intel/AMD x86/x64, which may rule many netbook/tablet-style devices out.

Ok well that has always been the case. Thank you for confirming!

32 bit Scrivener should work on ARM-Win. The question is how well.


Actually it works just fine under Win ARM64 insider preview, win 10 and 11. Works great on an M1 MacBook Air with Parallels/Win 10/11 ARM64 so should work just fine on any current WinARM device with he Insider Preview. Can’t speak for 32bit WinARM though shouldn’t be an issue with 32bit version of Scrivener. Why MS stuffed around with 32bit WinARM in the first place I do not know. Hobbled themselves from the get-go.