Scrivener 3

Just a quicky. Any news on Scrivener 3? Expected release date and the like.

Me, too. As Keith previously said only “tutorials” were left unfinished (two weeks ago), then I anticipate it would be ready in the forthcoming week [Mac version].

Nothing about the Window’s version, though?

It will be half a year later than the release of Mac version

Sadly, I think you may be reading a little too much into an aside. Keith mentioned he was writing the tutorial six weeks ago (22nd Sept) and he didn’t say at all that this was the last action on the to do list, nor how many weeks remained before the Mac version would be released. I’m assuming you were referring to this post?

[url]Anything to share about Scrivener 3.0? - #4 by KB]

No point in speculating: it will be released when it’s ready and not before — and if all the other releases are anything to go by, it will be excellent.

This is exactly why Keith is usually very careful to not say where he is in the development/release cycle!