Scrivener Affiliate Program

Literature & Latte now offers a sales affiliate program for Scrivener. You can sign-up to sell Scrivener via the following webpage: eSellerate will manage the application sales process and forward any due sales commission to the affiliate on a monthly basis. I hope the process appears straightforward. You can always email me at sales AT literatureandlatte DOT com or post a reply here if you have any questions. I hope we can diversify our sales approach and welcome many individuals and re-sellers to the Scrivener sales team (which is currently only me!).

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Please note: This is a link to an eSellerate page. We do not get a mention unless you use the ‘View Products’ facility and search for ‘Scrivener’.

Wait. Not only can we proselytize, but now we can actually convert folks AND get a nice thank you?

DMJ if you keep this up I may have to believe that you are more than a figment of KB’s imagination.

Wow. More incentive to work on that review I’m working on for my blog.

Amber`s been floggin bent copies of Scriv, in the coffee shops and pubs of that god forsaken backwater, Portland, for yonks!

May I sell it on Ebay, please?

No point…you would have to pay someone, to take Portland off your hands. Mind you! Having said that…it would probably be worth it. Well! No probably about it!

I feel downright bad writing this. Dirty.

That said, let me just get it done:

If there’s an affiliate programme, I suspect ‘we’ should declare that in any reviews, that we would earn something, potentially, from a click through?

[Going away to fumigate myself and burn these rags I stand in]

Twould come as a shock to all crew members of The Good Ship Scrivener, if, Grumpy and Dodgy Dave, were to bid you do otherwise.
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Oh yes, definitely declare it - we don’t want to be accused of bribery. :slight_smile: Affiliate programs are quite well-established anyway - DevonThink have one, for instance.
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Hello guys,

Have you thought of an affiliate program for languages other than English (i.e., Spanish)?

A while ago I registered the domain “” (don’t bother to click, nothing to see at the moment) to portray Scrivener’s virtues to potential Spanish-speaking users in case a localisation was finally made. It could be very interesting to add a link to download and/or buy the software right from the same site.

Macs may not be as popular in Spanish-speaking countries as they are in English-speaking countries but Spanish-language users still constitute an enormous user base, including many people in the United States.



Have any Australians signed up to this? I’m a bit thrown by the tax form requirements. Never come up against that.

BTW, Keith, I’m a member of other affiliate programs (Thesis, Bookdepository) which seem to use an open source application for affiliate management. They are easier to join - at least from the point of view of having no paper forms to fill out. Did you consider something like this?


Hi David, you shouldn’t have to fill out any paper forms at all - I believe there is a button you can select to get past that. Originally it was a little difficult for anyone outside of the US to set up, but we got in touch with eSellerate about that and they fixed it so that non-US citizens didn’t have to send in extra stuff… I think. I’ll leave David to fill in the details, though, as he is handling this stuff. I believe we have to use eSellerate’s systems for this because they are our only sales portal.

Pablo - again, I’ll leave David to answer this one, although I don’t see why you couldn’t be part of the affiliate program no matter what language you speak, so you may need to let us know what the problems are.

Thanks and all the best,

Hello All,

I went through the affiliate sign up process a few weeks ago to check it out. I realise that it is fairly thorough, and depending on circumstances, there will be some forms to sign, but eSellerate are a fairly thorough bunch of people! I see this as a blessing because Keith and I can then sleep easily at night knowing that VAT returns, sales taxes and the like are being managed correctly by eSellerate. I obviously do not want the affiliate program to be prohibitively difficult to join, but there might be a few legal requirements eSellerate enforce where other offered programs might not. The initial headache pays off with a slick operation thereafter. If there is something causing particular concern, please email me the details directly (sales AT literatureandlatte DOT com) and I will liaise with eSellerate to get a better understanding. When I first tested the system it was insisting on the provision of either an SSN, EIN or ITIN? I could not understand why anyone, apart from a US-citizen, would have any of these. An “other” field was promptly added.

The goal of localisation is another one of my remits, along with tea-making duties, which we hope to achieve in due course.

All the best,

quoting DMJ – “The goal of localisation is another one of my remits, along with tea-making duties, which we hope to achieve in due course.”

What is so tough about making tea? Even I can do that.

Oh, DMJ has to make everything difficult. You just can’t get the staff…

What’s the deal with unpredictable BBCode? Idiots like me have to do a lot of editing.

For the record am I still not convinced that DMJ is a separate entity. :wink:

I totally am!

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So am I!

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KB, have you noticed that the L&L forums resemble Monty Python skits more with each passing day? All we are missing is a good fish slapping.

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