Scrivener Allows More Creativity

I was turned on to Scrivener by my boss, who is a Mac user (something I plan to be when I grow up). I have to say that after a few hours going over the tutorials and experimenting with the program, I am very impressed. I tend to write with no outline or any sort of ‘road map’. This can make rewrites very difficult. Scrivener’s tools take some of the tedious work out of the writing process making it easier to be creative.

I have written about 80% of my second novel first draft and have imported it into Scrivener. In the past, I have had to use Excel lists of characters, places and certain plot points to remember them (my first novel took 4 1/2 years to complete… details often got lost in my mind) as well as trying to put together timelines and of course the dreaded synopsis required for many submissions. With the corkboard and outliner, all of these tools are at my fingertips right inside Scrivener.

I am more than happy to help with the beta testing as many hands make light work. I am still writing in MS Word (I can’t load Scrivener onto my work computer… long story), so backing up is no problem. It is a habit that we should all have any way. My only complaint is that I’m not enjoying the benefits of the Mac version, certainly no fault of the development team.

Now that my ‘note’ is three paragraphs long, I will thank you for your time and efforts. (You should know better than to give writers license to express themselves) :smiley:

Edward Owen