Scrivener always opens with small window and doesn't restore properly when Maximize button clicked

I’ve noticed this in the last two or three releases, including Version: Beta (771012) 64-bit. I normally use Scrivener in full screen mode. I close it by clicking on the Close button in the upper right corner. When I start Scrivener again, it opens in a relatively small window (about 20% of my screen size), anchored in the upper left corner of my screen. When I click on the Maximize button, the window size stays the same but pops to the center of my screen. When I click on the Maximize button again it maximizes Scrivener and I’m back to normal.

I don’t recall precisely which release this began with, but it was within the last two months.

I’m running two Dell monitors at 3840 x 2160 resolution, scaled to 150%. This has been my standard setup for a couple of years, so that hasn’t changed.

Somewhere in this forum, someone recently mentioned there’s a difference in behavior between the two exit buttons. I think I’d try exiting from the File|Exit command once, and see if that changes things.

As for the Maximize button, that’s strange. Should not take two clicks.

That was me. The File->Exit command closes Scrivener without closing the project (so it reopens when Scrivener starts again. The window close (X in the upper right) closes Scrivener and the displayed project, so Scrivener will ask what project to open when it next starts.

Very strange and I wouldn’t think that the File->Exit method would make any difference in how big the window is when the program launches. Perhaps saving the settings when the windows are to the size as you want, then closing?

I get exactly the same results when I exit with File/Exit and with the Close button.

When I exit Scrivener either via File/Exit or with the Close button, when I reopen Scrivener it opens in the last project I was working on. So this behavior is different from what Jestar experiences.

I tried that, but the behavior is unchanged.

That was in reference to the “Reopen projects on quit” and the “Show start panel when no projects are open” options. I have mine set (as you can see in my options screenshot, to not reopen projects and show the start panel - personal preference. However, if I have the Reopen option checked and the Show start panel unchecked, it wouldn’t matter which way that you close Scriv. It is just a combination of the two that would require the File->Exit menu method to reopen the last project open on quit. (Clear as mud, right?)

Understood, and thanks for that clarification. And yes, clear as mud :confused: