Scrivener and Dropbox Paper?

Hi there.
Like others, I’m looking for ways to effectively collaborate while I remain in Scrivener (v3, Mac). Most of my writing is within an academic community, and default practice is circulating MS Word documents. I’ve read through and tried many of the approaches outlined in other posts and tutorials, and some work ok, others not at all. It’s less about the software, but the user at the other end.

However – I’ve also begun collaborating with some colleagues through Dropbox Paper and I wonder if anyone has tried or attempted combining this with Scrivener? I’m about to try experimenting, but wondered if anyone already has and is willing to share experiences.


  • DB Paper is truly collaborative, in the cloud
  • DB Paper can sync with DB itself
  • DB Paper exports as .docx and Markdown - the later being more interesting to me with Scrivener
  • DB Paper might work as a useful intermediate between Word, Scrivener and sharing across sites.

I’m not suggesting this as a feature item or anything - just another potential way of workflow across platforms.

Any thoughts?

For the same reasons I’d love to combine export to Dropbox Paper and Scrivener. Best way I found until now is copy-paste !
Dropbox paper has little “decorative” capabilities (no color, only two levels of hierarchy, etc…).

For syncing with what I assume is a plain text file, I suggest you look into “External Folder Sync”. Assuming you can get the markdown documents into a folder separate from the docx files, it should work well enough.

Wow, I’m quite impressed by Paper, the Markdown export generates clean markup that supports captioned figures, tables, lists and most inline formatting. Pretty nice!

BUT, Paper has its own hidden store, so you cannot just quickly open a paper file from your dropbox folder, you have to “download” it to make a copy, then import it into Scrivener. Now Scrivener can generate clean markdown too BUT the problem in a smooth workflow is importing into Scrivener. Currently Scrivener doesn’t “convert” markdown into RTF/Styles. You can still import the text and work in pure plain text mode, but this misses all the benefits of Styles and Compile…

As Scrivener has a great RTF > MMD engine, we can only hope Keith is working some magic and making that one-way arrow bi-directional.

From the Dropbox side it would be great if there was an API that allowed you to get and send documents to your Paper folders. I could then imagine a user could build her/his own automated transfer system between the two.

(and yes you can use DOCX for import/export, but that ain’t my cup of tea)…