Scrivener and Google Drive

So, I had the bright idea that I would move my Scrivener files to my desktop Google Drive folder, and open them from there. Google Drive seems to have other ideas though. When I select the .scriv folders from the Google Drive folder, it doesn’t open them, it explores the folder. Is there a way to fix this?

I don’t know for sure how to fix the problem you face, because as you can see I use a Mac, not Windows, and I use Dropbox, not Google Drive. However, if it’s any help, on the Mac what I’d do is set up a blank project, open it and copy each of the Scrivener files in the G D folder into the Binder of the blank project (except the .scrivx folder, which would then be redundant). I can’t guarantee that this would work, given what’s happened to your project, but it’s worth a shot.

If that fails to work, I’d repeat your post in the Windows Technical Support section of this forum; you’ll probably get a quicker and more knowledgeable response there.

For future reference, there’s an L’n’L Advisory against using Google Drive for live, unzipped projects here. GD appears to damage the way the files that make up a Scrivener project work together.

That’s a shame because that’s almost a deal breaker for me. I really like the software, but I’m uncomfortable with the idea of having all of my work dependent on one device’s hard drive.

Also, I have too much data invested in Google Drive, so it would be impractical for me to switch to Dropbox. I’m not a Mac user. I’ll take your advice and post in the tech forum though.

You can go to Tools->Options->Backup and send your automatic backups to google drive. Just be sure to set the .zip compression option. Then you’ll have backups in the cloud as well as your hard drive, so the risk of your data being in one location is mitigated.

Ah, OK. That might work.

Yes, I was I was careful to write in my post above that it’s live, unzipped projects that you shouldn’t put in GD. Zipped backups - which of course you can set to be created automatically in Scrivener > Preferences > Backup - should give you no problem.

OK, this seems to fix the problem. I wouldn’t be running the software on my Chromebook anyway. I’ll probably just write individual file scenes in Google Docs and import them into whatever I’m working on when I get home or whenever.