Scrivener and Hevea

Scrivener does not seem to parse longer files in the same manner as Hevea and its companion program Hacha In the past, I have used Lyx to compose, TexShop to produce a TeX file and Hevea and Hacha to produce a fully parsed set of documents complete with back, forward and up arrows and links. All of this without any hand coding of HTML. The problem is that Hevea does not recognize Memoir or Koma, preferring the more generally accepted default. The result is a series of errors.

The question is can I get Scrivener to produce similarly linked files as Hevea and Hacha do?

Integration with these two packages would be a nice feature.

Can you use MMD in Scrivener, export to LaTeX, and then run through Hevea? I’ve never heard of Hevea, but I just looked at the home page, and it seems like that would work fine.

Thanks for the speedy response. I get two error messages:

1… tex:1: Warning: Cannot open file: memoir.hva
2… ex:1: Error while reading LaTeX:
No base style

Hevea looks for a file with an hva extension. This is a file dat directs interpretations of LaTeX into HTML. It is analogous to the XSLT files used in Scrivener.

The second error message is a mystery to me. I tried to run the file both with and without a specified XSLT in the MM Settings pane. Same result.
Hevea needs a ‘memoir.hva’ or Scrivener will require an XSLT file that will interpret standard article class (not Memoir or Koma) correctly.

I do not know how to produce either of these files, and while I do not celebrate ignorance, I do want to be careful not to major on technicalities that while intriguing rob my focus away from writing.

I know that I can export one page at a time and that I can do a batch insert arrows and code using something like WebDesign — a fine Canadian product.

In any case Scrivener using MM is far less complicated than any other LaTeX / HTML workflow I have used before.

Thanks for trying, mamster. I am still open to suggestions.[/i]

Which XSLT File setting are you using? It sounds like you’re using one of the ones based on the memoir style.

While I haven’t tried it, it looks like xhtml2latex.xslt should make plain LaTeX without the memoir class. That might work for you.

Scrivener uses the memoir class by default, but doesn’t have to. If you know which class works best with Hevea, you just need to set up Scrivener to use that class instead of memor, using the Multimarkdown Settings (in the File menu). To get Scrivener to find any classes not built into Scrivener’s MMD packaged, you will need to install Multimarkdown with your custom class into Application Support/Multimarkdown - see the Help file section on MultMarkdown for more information.

To me, it sounds as though you just need to set up Scrivener to use the class compatible with Hevea and then export to LaTeX for use in Hevea. Unfortunately, though, I don’t really use these features so - although I’m the creator of Scrivener - I’m not the best person to help! Scrivener really just provides a portal to MultiMarkdown. Thus, by far the best person to help you with this would be Fletcher Penney, who created MultiMarkdown and helped me integrate it into Scrivener. Hopefully he will see this and answer, otherwise you can check out his website for contact information as I’m sure he won’t mind you contacting him directly.

All the best,

Thank you for your keen interest. I will pursue some of Fletcher’s suggestions to determine whether I can solve the problem. At this time I feel like a dog with a bone. Gotta crunch this problem. I will stay in touch. Please see my response to Fletcher.