scrivener and ipad

Don’t know if this is the right place to ask this but here goes.

I just discovered the Scrivener app for iPad. (Little late I know but…) Before I shell out $40, will this iPad app sync with my Mac version? Can I work on a project on the road and then sync it back to my computer?

Or can someone direct me to a link that will answer all my questions about the app?


We have not yet released a version of Scrivener that will work on an iPad. We are currently developing Scrivener for iOS and you can read the latest news on our blog here:

All the best,

Thanks and sorry. I saw Scrivener in the App Store and thought it was for iPad. My mistake.

No worries! If you are looking at the Mac App Store, that will be Scrivener for Mac OS X. You mention that you already have the Mac version of Scrivener, so it sounds as though you are already covered on that platform.