Scrivener and Jotterpad. (Avoid Jotterpad!)

I have been using ‘Sync with External Folder’ to access my files on my Android devices (two of them). On suggestion from users here, I began using Jotterpad with the Creative package to add a cloud backup, and have had the setup working flawlessly.

Until I had to reinstall Jotterpad.

Now one device can access the cloud and the one I had to reinstall Jotterpad on cannot.

The creator of Jotterpad had removed the ability to access cloud storage for users who paid for the option to do so - it remains so long as they do not clear Data or reinstall the device. I am not willing to pay a subscription to a company that promised 'Pay Once, Unlock Forever" and changes Forever to mean ‘So Long as you don’t reinstall’. I cannot trust a company that pulls a switch like that. (If you check the recent reviews, many users of Jotterpad are unhappy with this quiet change, Jotterpad creators are refusing to address the issue.)

I really enjoyed how nicely Jotterpad played with Scrivener.

As Scrivener doesn’t (yet?) have a smooth way of Android device access, what are my other options?

Thank you for your post, Saved me time.

I was just about to try JotterPad because of the need to work from my mobile android devices.

I have both IOS and Android…
I LOATHE the IOS device.
My preference is the Samsung Note and Windows PC/Laptop combination.

I wish Scrivener had just a basic android mobile app that let me see my projects on my OneDrive , create/edit in plain text with MultiMark and keeping it in sync when I go back to my desktop.

I do not need the full app bells and whistles on the Android mobile device.

Also waiting on latest version for Windows.