Scrivener and MI5...

The latest BBC Writersroom newsletter contains a link to an interview with Neil Cross, one of the writers of the drama series Spooks. Neil offers some sound advice for budding scriptwriters, and is effusive in his praise for Scrivener. Well worth a read - find it here:


Thanks for that. As another illustrious forumite once observed: “But what we really want to know is how the other bugger does it.” And this tells us.

Good thread title too, if I may say so.


Neil is also the author of several novels (his latest, Natural History, got a great review in The Times). I recently read his Holloway Falls which was superb.

I will, however, never forgive him for using Scrivener to kill one of my favourite characters in Spooks (Zaf). :slight_smile:

I’ve already thanked Neil by e-mail for his praising Scrivener on the BBC page, but I’ll say it again now: thank you, Neil! And as you say, Juddbert, that article is well worth a read regardless of the Scrivener mention.


I must say, I was very hard on SPOOKS when it started; being a big fan of SANDBAGGERS and its spiritual offspring QUEEN & COUNTRY, it was all much too glam and Yanqui-style for my tastes.

Reading that interview, however, is scarily like reading one of my own - especially the later answers about the complete lack of fame and glamour in this business :slight_smile: So maybe I should give the later series a try.