Scrivener and Reality TV

I was the senior story producer for a show on Court TV called Beach Patrol (Court TV recently changed it’s network name to TruTV, and changed the name of the show to Ocean Force. The show chronicled the daily job of being a lifeguard in places like San Diego, Hawaii and Huntington Beach.

As the head of the story department, I oversaw a group of 4 writers. I started using Scrivener on my own to track stories, collect field notes for easy searching and use the meta-data tags to categorize stories and interviews. The program is a terrific way to easily organize a ton of information. For example, every day, we had three different crews on the beach, shooting stories. Each night, the field producer for each crew would write up field notes highlighting the events they shot that day. I would import those notes into Scrivener. After 6 weeks of shooting, I had over 100 documents of field notes. Now, if we were writing a story about someone being pulled out in a rip current, I could simply go to Scrivener and do a word search of “rip current” and any story or interview that was captured over the past 6 weeks that involved rips was instantly located. My group of writers would be astounded by how quickly I located key information. When they saw that I was using Scrivener, they instantly wanted to get the software. Soon, I had the entire story department using Scrivener.

I could go on and on about the multitude of ways I used Scrivener to help me improve the running of the story department, but I encourage anyone involved in reality TV to give Scrivener a go – you’ll soon see just how invaluable it is.

Wot about a reality series on using Scrivener? :mrgreen:

Cheers, Geoff

Geoffrey Heard, Business Writer & Publisher

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