Scrivener and Scrivener 3 beta has bad touch experience for binder

I want to preface this by saying that I would love if this is already a feature and I just couldn’t find it!

I just bought a Surface Pro 6 for writing this last week and the primary tool I will be using on it is Scrivener. Unfortunately, the Binder in scrivener for windows behaves drastically different when using touch controls compared to the iOS version of Scrivener, which is where I came from.

Basically, Scrivener for Windows will drag items instead of scrolling if you try scrolling the binder via touch input. The scroll bar is too skinny to always avoid this even. The worst part is, there is no undo for a binder movement. I have accidentally dragged chapters into other sections entirely and had to excavate the large binder to find them, then determine where they were before.

The simplest solution I could imagine would be allowing the user to disable drag-and-drop functionality inside the binder as an option in the settings. The rest of the UI seems to work pretty well with touch as of now, but the Binder is probably the most crucial aspect for my personal use.

I understand the priority on this might make this never happen, but I wanted to share the experience none-the-less.

Love the software,

I just switched to Scrivener 3 myself.

My laptop has a touch sensitive screen and I use that functionality a lot to scroll within documents.

When I try to do this in Scrivener, it seems to select text instead of scrolling. I get the sense that scrolling works on your Surface Pro?
If so, how did you change the default behavior?

I have the same problems. In the editor it selects rather than scrolling. In the binder it drags rather than scrolling. I don’t know why it would have been built that way on purpose. Is it possible the developers just aren’t testing it on touch-screen computers?

Similar issue here. My project has a lot of scenes and with a slip of the finger, I can find one getting out of sequence easily. I have a feeling a lot of this is due to the touch screen on the Surface Pro (I have an older one) as well as the UI with Scrivener’s skinny scroll bar.
Even using an electronic stylus it’s still a little wonky.
Nevertheless, I often prefer the Windows beta over my IOS version of Scrivener because of the more robust feature set. Consequently, I travel with Ipad Pro AND Surface Pro to work with Scrivener. The program is “worth the weight.” And I’m thinking the Win upgrade will be worth the wait as well.

Yes yes yes! Same problem here. It’s very frustrating, and could be solved by including an undo feature for moving items in the binder. Please please add this to the next version!
Love this program and your commitment to keeping costs low.

I’ll add my voice here as well. I have a touch screen laptop, and this would be very useful!

Since this functionality is the same as in Scrivener 1, I would be surprised if it were to change. Still, I super wish they’d do something about it. Add undo functionality, at the very least. But better would be to bring it in line with other programs in Windows – finger drag should scroll, not move documents around.

Please, if there are any developers reading this, could you comment? I would really like to understand the rationale for keeping it like it is, or (even better) get some assurance that it could change.

I agree with this. The touch screen is a major issue for Windows users with touch screens. It is far too easy to accidentally move sections around or “copy and paste” by dragging. I end up finding entire pages that I have written in other chapters pasted into places they don’t belong. This is all due to accidental dragging in the binder panel. It is a nightmare! Disabling this functionality in the settings would be a great solution. However, I would take a simple confirmation prompt box so that I can tell it “NO!”