Scrivener and Surface Pro

Does Scrivener work well with Surface Pro machines?

I’ve been searching all over for the answer and can’t find it. I want to buy a Microsoft Surface Pro but not if there’s a lot of work to set it up with Scrivener.

For better search results, do this search in google: surface pro site:

I just looked briefly, but noticed 2x complaints:

  1. touch interface issues
  2. scaling issues related to the high def screen

It’s possible #2 has been resolved, but I can recall seeing complaints recently regarding #1.

Note that Scrivener for Windows v3 may solve these, when it is finally released.


Thanks for the info and the guidance on the search ‘how to.’

I guess I’m asking more about software problems/challenges etc than hardware.

I’m a writer, not a computer guy, so I don’t want to have to do a bunch of install this, move that, etc etc etc just to put Scrivener on Surface Pro once I can figure out how to smuggle a Surface Pro machine into Argentina.


I’ve been running the Windows Scrivener program on Surface Pros (first a 1 with Windows 8, then 8.1, then 10; then a 3 with Windows 10) for years. Never had any issues, software-wise, but then again, I don’t run with extra “Internet Security” or malware suites, and I have a low number of helper/TSR applications running as well.

Thanks! It sounds like out will work great then. Now, on to the smuggling aspect. :smiley: