Scrivener and the old iBook clamshells

Hey guys, just looking for a little help.

I use a MBP for everything (including scrivener), and it has mostly been occupied by other tasks or another person. I what I’m going to get is just an old laptop and put nothing on it but scrivener and a browser to compensate for this. In short, a portable scrivener machine.

I was thinking of an old iBook Clamshell. I know the early models don’t support Tiger, but I know how to bypass that. I was just wondering how scrivener runs on an old clamshell. Anyone tried it? Any one have any other suggestions for my portable scrivener machine?

Thanks for the help!

I skipped the clamshell generation - kept waiting for a purple version that never showed - but I would guess if you can get Tiger running on it that it should work. I have Scrivener on my old 500Mhz iBook and it runs like a champ. However, I have NOT loaded it up with a lot of research files like I have on my Mini. Don’t know what would happen if you really piled it on.

(Never one to be totally disappointed, I now have a lavender ‘skin’ on my iBook. :smiley: )